25 February 2004

I'm not quite finished

While I think I have sufficiently proven why an amendment to the Constitution is a pandering to a certain constituency group, I find I still have things to get off my chest about it:

First, for those I continue to hear on sound bites lamenting how gay marriage lessens the meaning of your "normal" marriage, get over yourself.  If you can allow this to cause stress in your marriage, there was a weakness in it before this came up, and you are ony repressing blame upon people that you will most likely never know. 

As I contemplate my own marriage next spring, I find it to be the most intense individual experience that I will ever partake.  It will be just myself and Kristen.  In marriage we can surely be influenced by the actions of others, but ultimately only we will be responsible for our union.  Just two of us trying to make a life out of whatever time we have left on this Earth.  I do feel a certain religious presence guiding us to the altar, but the thought of two males or two females having the opportuntiy to share this feeling does not lessen the spirituality.  In fact, I would be excited for any couple who chooses to partake in marriage, so long as they take it seriously and are sure that they are prepared for it.

Ah, which leads me to my next point.  With 50% of all marriages in this country ending in divorce, who is anyone to judge the capacity of a person to marry?  Where were all these marriage KGB'ers when Elizabeth Taylor was dating?  Why didn't anyone stop Mickey Rooney?  And who let Zsa Zsa Gabor out again?  Plenty of heterosexual people make a mockery of marriage in this country (and please do not think that I am labeling anyone who has been divorced as mocking marriage, you know what I am referring to), yet there is no cry from the right about this.

My last point: it is statistical fact that approximately ten percent of the population of the US is gay, so let's estimate it at 30 million.  Today, the President essentially told 30 million people that they are not as good as the rest of us, that for whatever reason, they do not deserve what everyone else can have.  That is discrimination, and it is wrong.  The President should be ashamed of himself for even considering to add such a thing to the greatest document in the history of recorded time, the United States Constitution.

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donah42 said...

Hey don't forget Liza & David! Where the hell was Bush when that went down? That had train wreck written all over it! And how 'bout an amendment to keep J Lo from ever marrying or planning to marry again? Now we're talkin'!