05 February 2004

Anyone? Grumpy? Grumpy? Grumpy?...

So yesterday was not inspiring, as my two entries show.  I have always felt that if someone is going to comment in a political forum, they'd better be able to have a style that distinguishes them from all of the other blowhards out there.  That's why the only cable news show I watch is "Countdown" with Keith Olbermann on MSNBC.  It's the closest thing to SportsCenter that politics/news can be. 

I encourage anyone to tell me when I get too pompous, too annoying, and most importantly, too bland.  Venturing into political commentary is risky, because it is hard to get beyond the tone of condescension, but it is also exhilirating when you can pull it off.  It's a long, long way until November.


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