27 February 2004

Live from virtual hell

To update my experience trying to buy Cub tickets online today, I gave up at 5:30, after actually buying tickets to one game and spending the rest of my time in the virtual waiting room.  I'll be watching the Cubs take on the Giants on the evening for May 18th from Wrigley, otherwise I'll be in the virtual waiting room.

But again, no real complaints about this.  It beats actually standing in line, or getting a wristband, I guess.

Some other quick baseball notes:

Jeff Kent proves he is an idiot and makes me hope the Cubs beat the Astros even more.  Is he sticking up for Barry Bonds?  It didn't seem like they got along when they were both in SF.  Has Kent ever seen a picture of Babe Ruth?  This is one of the dumbest things I have ever heard a professional athlete say.

Kerry Wood will not be a free agent after this season.  This was the biggest possible distraction for the team this summer.  Jim Hendry is as good a GM as there is in the game right now (And YES, THIS IS A BIASED CUBS FAN OPINION!), and all he needs to do right now is get Derek Lee signed.  Maybe my virtual waiting room needs padded walls...

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