25 February 2004

Mr. Huckabee, God on line 2

I saw something on "Countdown" on MSNBC (and if you are not watching this, you are missing the best news show on television) last night that I have not seen anywhere else, nor have I read about it anywhere.  At the meeting of Republican governors Monday night, Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee received a phone call on his cell in the middle of his address to the group.

The phone call was from God.

Yes, the Almighty decided to blow a call into the elected official with the goofiest surname in America.  Unfortunately Governor Mike does not have a speaker phone on his cell so we had to listen to him repeat God's words.  Predictably, God told Huck to make sure that the GOP governors continue to work to keep the country safe, keep taxes low, and most importantly (say it with me), keep marriage sacred!

It continues to amaze me how Republicans continue to believe that they are the party of God, and it amazes me more that the Democrats do not question them on this at all.  Clearly the idea of separation of Church and State is as much under attack as any other social issue in this country.

And I don't understand why this idiotic and insulting stunt from Huck is not receiving more exposure.


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