25 February 2004


Tomorrow they blow up the "Bartman Ball."  It is my hope that this ridiculous stunt ends once and for all any discussion of the events of Game 6 of last years playoff series between the Cubs and the Marlins.  It's time to accept the fact that the Cubs blew it and the Marlins were the better team.  No foul ball should overshadow the rest of the deciding action on the field.

Actually, I am surprised at how quickly I got over the fact that the Cubs blew their best chance at a World Series in my lifetime.  It took me less than two weeks.  I'm sure it is because that unlike prior Cub playoff teams, this one seems primed and ready for many years of success.  I've never been more excited about a season as I am this one (and yes, I do realize that I may indeed be setting myself up for an incredible fall, but you can't enjoy the view if you don't get close enough).

With spring training underway, I have no desire to rehash the events of last October, and surely I no longer want to hear anything about a curse.  Unfortunately the media and those involved in the destruction of this baseball seem committed to never allowing us to forget.

So here's what I hope happens tomorrow, when all the media is gathered at Harry Caray's restaurant to watch the ball go boom: a mistake in calculations leads to too much of a charge placed in the ball, and the walls of the restaurant come tumbling down.  While no one is hurt, the collapse seals everyone inside.  Hey, it's a restaurant, there will be plenty of food and water available for everyone for quite a while.

Excavation will be tricky.  It should take at least until the end of October before anyone emerges from the rubble.  Amazingly, everyone is OK.

And I will be even better, because they'll miss the entire baseball season.


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