02 March 2004

Back from too long a break

I never intentionally ignore this journal.  I am always getting ideas for things to write about here, but the challenge is finding the time and the inspiration to do it.  I'm into this 24/7, but nothing is more frustrating than having a great idea in my mind that I just can't seem to express properly in written words.  That is my biggest obstacle here, making sure that whatever I post makes sense.  Sometimes the 2500 character limit is the culprit, though I have read that soon AOL will expand that to 25000.  As prolific as I feel sometimes, I doubt that I will ever challenge that limit.  Even I run of things to say sometimes.

Every single person I know or have read that is a success in the writing field says the same thing: you have to do it everyday, even if you don't have it at times.  I try to do it, even if I have nothing to say.  Obviously, some things don't make the cut.  I'd rather leave the journal blank for a day or two if it means sparing anyone who stops by of some cheesy limericks.  Such as this:

While Chester was cleaning the moat

He came upon his long lost pet goat

Perhaps something was amiss

With its last meal of Swiss

Which Chester had assumed would float





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