18 March 2004

It's madness I tell ya

I will be doing nothing today that takes me away from my television.  I love the first two days of the NCAA basketball tournament, though I'd like it even more if even one of the schools I care about could see fit to make it into the tourney one of these years.

I used to fill out a ton of backets, but for the last few years I have kept it to just one.  Last year was the best ever for my predictions.  I was 30 for 32 in the first round, and I picked three of the four semifinalists.  I noticed that a few years ago the rate of upsets in the first round diminshed considerably, and last year I went with almost all favorites.  I did the same thing this year, though I subscribe to the theory that at least one team seeded 12 will defeat one seeded 5, and a 13 will upset a 4.  My 12 pick this year is Manhattan over Florida, and my 13 is Illinois-Chicago over Kansas.

The Final Four is in San Antonio this year.  I saw the AlamoDome, where the games will be played, and was impressed.  It's a great modern stadium.  Too bad Chicago doesn't have a place to host a Final Four.  Having explored some of San Antonio during the two days I was there, I am intrigued to know how many drunken revelers will take a tumble into the river, since many bars exit right on the water.  And as I wrote in this journal last month, one doesn't necessarily need to be drunk to fall into the river.

My money says that someone from Kentucky, Oklahoma State, Maryland or Mississippi State splashes down, as those are the teams that I think will make it that far.  And Oklahoma State will win the championship over Mississippi State.

Or I could be all wet.  HA!  I KILL MYSELF!

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