03 March 2004

In my dreams

I cannot decide whether or not this is a good idea.  Bill Clinton as John Kerry's running mate?  How seriously are we supposed to take this?  I am fairly new to the world of the New York Times and am thus unaware if they ever use their opinion pages for satire.

Unapologetically, I am a huge Clinton fan.  I think his was the greatest presidency of my lifetime.  All rabid Reagan fans who are screaming in agony right now can at least relax with the knowledge that given who currently occupies the Oval Office, I no longer consider Ronald Wilson the worst president of my life.

But back to this idea: I doubt Kerry would even consider this.  Everyone knows that the presidency is all about power.  There's no more powerful position on this Earth.  Why would Kerry want a VP who craves power as much as he has, who probably misses it every single day?  And imagine the GOP commercials that we'd see during the campaign!  There'd be more mud than there was at Woodstock '99.

The 22nd amendment to the Constitution does not allow anyone to be elected President more than twice, but it says nothing about inheriting the job, though I imagine the Republicans would call for Constitutional change again.  The more I think about this, the more I want to see it, just for the reaction of the GOP.

Kerry's running mate will be John Edwards, Bill Richardson, or Wesley Clark.  It has to be someone  few notches below him in standing so that if he is elected he will not be overshadowed.  For that reason, you can eliminate Hillary Clinton as well.

In my utopian world of completely honest politicians who care for nothing else than the welfare of all the people that they would represent, a Kerry/Clinton ticket would be ideal.  Alas, I am always snapped back to reality.  Bring it on, boys.

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