16 March 2004


I'm back from five sun filled days in southwest Florida, and of course it is snowing in Chicago, but I have a tan (sort of) and I can close my eyes and feel the warm weather making its way to the Midwest.  I can make it.  I will triumph.

Normally I play around thirty rounds of golf a year, and the first rounds in March on the golf trip are traditionally the worst since I haven't swung a club in the last five months.  This year might be different.  I played four rounds in the Naples-Ft. Myers area, and averaged a score of 87, including an 83 in the first round.  So my game has nowhere to go but down, right?  How cruel is this game then, to reel me in so early in the year and keep me entrenched in the quest to break 80, something I have only done twice, and never in the last ten years.

Does anyone care?  Most people I know are bored to death watching golf on tv, so I can't imagine it being much more thrilling to read about it.  I watch a little golf every now and then, but I rarely read about it.  Ah, but the blog let's me write whatever I want, so if you are reading this, you are reading about my golf game.  Unless I have put you to sleep.

First entries after an extended break are usually quite lame.

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