22 March 2004

Let's just kill everyone and get it over with...

...so seems the policy of Israel.

I understand that Israel has to fight like a pit bull to survive in the Middle East, but really, would it crush them to not instigate the Palestinians like this?  I've got two and a half days in the "when's the next suicide bomber going to blow up a bus in Tel Aviv" pool.  Call such a remark tasteless, but then also please tell me how targeting 69 year old men in wheelchairs for missile encounters makes sense.  It doesn't, of course, unless eventually all parties involved succeed in extinguishing themselves. 

If I were President George I'd inform Ariel Sharon that he needs to report to the White House tomorrow, and once there explain to him that he needs to stop the testosterone injections if he expects the USA to keep its blinders on when it comes to supporting his country.  I understand that the US needs to support Israel lest the rest of the Arab world blow it off the map, but we should not let them drag us into more conflicts.  We do a good enough job of doing that ourselves.

Anyone remember when we had a President that actually tried to bring peace to this volatile area?  It's like this administration is so hell bent on distancing itself from any comparisons from the Clinton presidency that it has chosen to ignore this conflict.  I'm sure that the official word will be concern that this tactic was too much, but don't expect much more than that, certainly not any effort to resolve this.

When the world needs more men like Sadat, Begin, and Rabin, why are we left with nothing but a slew of Lone Rangers?

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