17 March 2004

In need of a little practice

My political moratorium is off.  You have been warned.  However, I sense a little rustiness.  Bear with me.  The wit shall return.

This has me wondering just who polishes the President's shoes.  And the last time he got paid. 

And why is everyone ignoring this?  The government can go after Martha Stewart but can turn a blind eye while Haliburton adds to Dick Cheney's 401(K).  George, again, allow me to introduce you to the business principle entitled "conflict of interest."  There are plenty of charts and pictures in the textbook, so it should not be that difficult to read.

And lest everyone believe that I don't dig on Democrats, Justice Ginsburg can have a seat next to the President and Vice-President for the next ethics lecture.

That last link leads me to a pet peeve, newspaper websites that make you register to read their articles.  I don't understand what the point is having to log in to a free site.  When I am referred to an article to a site that requires me to create an account, the only way I'm going to do it is if the article seems very interesting.  And if there is anything I need more of in this life, it's Internet passwords.

I'm feeling quite Andy Rooney-esque tonight.

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