26 March 2004

Can we be just a little more sensitive?

Lord, it is going to be a long, long time until November. 

So the President makes a joke, and reaction runs right down party lines.  I think that it is in rather poor tatse for someone responsible for sending troops into battle to joke about it, especially when people have been killed.  But I think I'm as offended by the piety of the Democrats who feel the need to voice their objections.  Once again, they treat us like idiots, jumping all over this matter because they assume we are too stupid to judge it for ourselves. 

I can't imagine what life must be like when everything you say and everything you do is held to such scrutiny.  Or when it is your job to analyze everything someone says and does to try to find a spin to it.  Both must be exhausting.

Can we all just lighten up please?  Maybe GW can start his next press conference with a couple of G-rated knock knock jokes?

I just want one day, just one, where the media ignores stuff like this.  Tell me happy stories about the near arrival of spring and baseball season, or take a day off. 


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