18 March 2004

Not too shabby

I'm 7-1 after the first half of games in the tourney today, and I'm one freakin' basket away from being 8-0.  I had Southern Illinois (hey, Salukis, try playing just a little defense after you take the lead in the last ten seconds of a game next time OK?) losing to Stanford in the next round.  Anyone can tell you that the worst losses in the first round are teams that you have advancing to at least the sweet sixteen.

And I was dead on with Manhattan over Florida, though I read something today where a lot of experts no longer consider a 12 beating a 5 an upset.

Realizing that there are eight more chances today for my bracket to implode, I will refrain from publishing my tips on picking winners.  Besides, I am too busy patting myself on the back.

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