03 March 2004

Who needs an actual award?

If I were an actor, I don't think I would ever fret about winning an Academy Award.  I would just want to get nominated.  Who needs a a gold statue on the mantle compared to this stuff?

I refrained from making Oscar picks this year because I saw almost none of the films.  I'm sure "Lord of the Rings deserved every one of the 12,456 awards that it won, but I can't sit through three hour movies, so I did not see it.  The only movies I saw were "Seasbiscuit" and "Lost in Translation"; both were good films.  I'm bummed that Bill Murray did not win solely because I think his acceptance speech would have been brilliant (and certainly better than anyone other winner, my goodness, that was the most boring show I have ever seen), but I can't say that Sean Penn did not deserve to win.

I can say this: I don't ever want to see Billy Crystal's breasts again.  I think 99% of the people watching would have understood the joke of Crystal inserting himself into "Something's Gotta Give" if they just would have shot him with bare shoulders.  That reminds me of the scene in "Forget Paris" where he and Debra Winger are sitting by a fire.  She is fully clothed and wrapped in an open blanket, yet he is clad only in a pair of jeans.  He wasn't hitting the gym back then either.  I love Debra Winger.  She can do no wrong in my book, but even she should have yelled "Cut!" and walked off the set until Billy put a shirt on.

And Meg Ryan too.  She was actually smiling while lying next to a shirtless Crystal in "When Harry Met Sally."  Acting!


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