05 March 2004

Travels with Jimmy

Since I am on a strict non-political diet for the next few days, I have been thinking of what I could possibly write about.  Baseball is no good; once the spring training exhibition games start I try to ignore everything about the sport until Opening Day lest I go batty with anticipation (my blood pressure just spiked even writing that sentence).  There are no other sports in this town worth writing about right now, so that's out too.  I could write about my job.  HA!  And I can't even say "nephew" right now...

I've spent a ton of time traveling by myself throughout this country in the last two years, and I have experienced a few things that I think are worth sharing.  So my focus here for the forseeable future will be recapping ten moments from the road.

Whenever I get around to it...in no particular order.

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donah42 said...

I keep trying to go on that non-political diet myself, but I keep failing! There's just so much material, and more & more each day! LOL!