18 March 2004

Your face is a mess

Can any music artist over the age of 40 resist selling his or her hit songs to advertisers?  I'm watching the Texas Tech-Charlotte game, and I hear David Bowie's "Rebel Rebel" come on.  This is one of my favorite rock songs of all time, and now it is used to sell Audi cars.  Give me a break.

When I am leader of the free world I will pass a law forcing anyone who sells songs for advertisements to re-release the record with lyrics appropriate to what the ad is for (and as an aside, my list of things to enact as LOTFW is now well past 500); so if I'm David Bowie I'd now be singing the following:

Just saw your mother/she's in a state/not sure to buy V-6 or V-8

Treble, treble/the radio's loud/treble, treble/drawing a crowd/treble, treble/how could they know/that this song used to not blow?

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