22 March 2004

Since I am in the mood to ask questions...

Did we really choose Bush over McCain?

I think back to the Republican race in 2000, when it was Bush vs. McCain.  How did Bush beat this guy?  What does it say about the voters of this country when a man who has virtually no experience except legacy is able to defeat a man who spent five years in a POW camp in Vietnam?  It must drive McCain nuts.  Instead of devoting his post-war life to public service, he should have lived off his family's name, then become governor in a state where his primary job was executing people.

OK, I realize that is a bit rash.  If you want a great example of the differences in character of these two republicans, read the chapter in Al Franken's "Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them" about what the Bush team did in South Carolina to win that state's primary in 2000 after McCain won in New Hampshire.  It's documented that Bush's camp placed thousands of phone calls to registered white GOP voters asking them what they though about John McCain fathering a child with a black woman.  But I'm sure they meant to say Strom Thurmond instead, right?

Can you imagine having a President who would acually want to work with our allies in fighting terrorism, who would not convey this country as arrogant and above the opinion of all other nations?  Could you grasp the concept of a leader who would defend a member of another political party when that person is being unfairly smeared?

And McCain KILLED when he hosted SNL last year!  Do you think GW can do a Streisand imitation?  I doubt it.  It's tradition in Washington that the President select one member from the opposition party for a position in the cabinet.  If Kerry wins, he could do a lot worse than McCain.  I'd make him Secretary of State in a heartbeat.


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