22 March 2004


That loud noise that you may have heard several times over the weekend were my NCAA brackets being detonated.  I've been watching the tournament for almost thirty years, and I can't remember a stretch like Fiday through Sunday for favored teams waving bye-bye.  How did Gonzaga lose to Nevada?  Stanford to Alabama?  Kentucky to Alabama-Birmingham?  Teams that I haven't heard much of (or at all-quick, tell me where the University of Nevada is) are bouncing teams that have been in the headlines all year. 

I discovered Friday night the joy of watching these games with the sound turned off.  I found it easier to follow the action without the same cliches being repeated over and over (did you know that the best players in the country have "great quickness", "mental toughness" and are "coachable"?) by announcers who normally broadcast high school games in Montana.  And of course, having no sound means I don't have to further hear the desecration of classic rock songs by advertisers...

But I digress.  I picked Oklahoma State to win the whole tournament, and they are still alive.  My other three Final Four teams are dead and buried.  I picked seven of the sixteen teams left to make it this far.  Clearly, I need some practice at this.

So I will say now that Duke, UConn, OSU and Nevada will make it to San Antonio.  Hope their fans can swim. 

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